Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bloggy Blog Love

I want to share my friends blog with you because I think she's brilliant for this concept.  In running nothing is off limits and we often share stories, ideas and dirty adventures of all kinds when we are out on long runs...really we talk about anything we can to take our mind off the fact that we are running.  Don't get me wrong we LOVE's one of the best mental releases I've found, however the actual act of running itself is really quite painful and annoying sometimes.  We usually hate it while we're doing it, but love it when we're done.  I know this doesn't make sense, but it doesn't have to because its running and that's just the way it is. 

So my friend KH is an amazing endurance runner, and one of the funniest people I know.  I believe it was on a long run that the idea for her blog was born, as the things she eats in the bathtub were common topics on our runs.  Now, I've been known to drink a beer or two...or protein the tub/shower post run, but K takes it to a whole new level, and again I think it's brilliant!!!!  Her blog is called Things I Eat in the Bathtub.  (Multi tasking at it's best really...and let me tell you this woman is an organizing multi-tasking genius...just sayin!!  Love ya K!!)

 Check it out and enjoy...

 "Running is a mental sport and we are all insane" ~Unknown

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Bike, A Frisbee, A Rock, Running Shoes, and A Birthday...THIS is Adventure Racing

The power of Facebook is at it again.  Just this past week I participated in the first Spring/Summer Trail Series Race #1, of the season.  This is a race series based largely on the power of Facebook.  AWESOME!!!
The race itself was an adventure on so many levels and just goes to show what happens when one guy has a dream, a love of trail running and being outdoors, a computer and a helluva lot of friends. 
Meet Steve...the creator of the series.  What you really need to know about him is that he is one impressive crazy mofo!  The dude snowshoed in the winter for 24 hours in the worst blizzard we have seen in who knows how long...and this being Iowa, that's saying A LOT!!!  (If I can get his permission, maybe I'll post some pic's for proof on here.)  He also ran across the state of Iowa to raise money for cancer and was sponsored by Livestrong.  Safe to say the dude is as hardcore as it comes. 
So Steve apparently had this idea for a race series in the summer where like minded peeps get together on Tuesdays for fun trail runs and then every once in a while, he would throw an adventure type race in there for the hell of it...he created a group and posted it out on FB and within days the group membership swelled to over 200 people.  He set the date for the first race as Saturday, May 7th, and from there the only information we were given was the meeting location and that we needed to bring a bike, running shoes, a frisbee, and practice our rock throwing skills...interesting...(you all know I'm a sucker for any new outdoor adventure, especially one involving my mountain bike and running, and at $10 and the promise of a good time, how could I pass it up?!?!)
When we arrived at Orlondo's on Park in DSM last Saturday morning we learned two things, 1) it was Steve's birthday (happy birthday dude!!), and 2) we were going to be going out on a course that would include a two loop mountain bike ride on a horse trail, followed by a frisbee golf type competition, followed by an almost 5 mile run (more than 3 of it being on the most beautiful trail I've ever experienced in my life!!!), followed by throwing rocks at a dummy (we got 3 tries and momma hit the dummy on the first try...I gots MAD rock throwing skillz!!), followed by a finish back on our bikes back to the bar...where the cold beer and shots were waiting (thanks JR!!!)...along with some rum and Kahlua infused cupcakes (thanks Kaiti!!!'re a monster on the course and in the kitchen!). 
More than 20 people participated in the fun.  And for once, I didn't wear a watch and I didn't really keep track of anything...the race was super casual, and the finish times were way unofficial, but in the end it really didn't matter, because I had a blast out there!!!!  I said the trail run was georgous...and it was, I had no idea that such beauty existed that close to my home (trail running and biking brings the fun factor)!!  But most of all, it was the people that made the day so wonderful, and the event so successful.  I met some really really (did I say really??) cool ass biker dude's and chic's.  (Somehow during this event I even got talked into trying my very first bicycle race next week...that's right, NEXT WEEK!...I think it was the beer and the shots talking, or maybe someone dared me, but for whatever reason it seemed like a good idea and I'm gonna go with it...I'm always up for a new adventure or two. :))   

Quote of the Day

"In letting go of control you gain the control you seek. Let Go and Let Flow." - Christine Gutierrez (Sacred Space NYC)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pepper: Kelis Song (right round)

Cuz it's Friday and I'm feeling a little tropical sassy (must be the 90 degrees we've had this week and the sunburn I received catching up my Vitamin D stores :)).  It's definitely a flip flops and beach love kind of song.  Love these guys!!! 

(NO they are not Sublime!!!  I do have mad love for Bradley and Sublime, but Pepper is Pepper...bunch of cute surfer boys from Hawaii...and they never fail to put me in a good mood!  They have a few naughty songs too, but I prolly shouldn't post them on here!...check out Point and Shoot if you're feeling a little dirty, but you might want to make sure no one else is around to hear, or have headphones on, it's all sorts of silliness!!...makes the 16 year old girl in me giggle and blush.  Truly explicit lyrics!!!...don't say I didn't warn ya!   Full Disclosure: I had Pepper playing in the car on my way to work today and Point and Shoot came on...yep, I giggled, then I rolled up the windows and let the bad singing fly!!  :-)) 

You Know You're an Endurance Athlete When...

Haha!!!  Found this article on Facebook, by Competitor Magazine.  It's actually fairly accurate and amusing. 
Do you fit any of these descriptions? (yes, yes I do!...keep reading, my commentary will be in red)

Written by: Susan Lacke

Let’s face it: Being a runner, cyclist, or triathlete goes beyond simply participating in the sport. It’s an identity, a lifestyle that is more than just the hours put in during training and racing.  It’s what separates us from the recreational joggers and weekend warriors. You know you’re an endurance athlete when:

- You’re able to say “I like to push it hard and fast at the end” and still keep a straight face(All the time!!!  I LOVE it hard and fast, but not just at the end.  Go hard or go home!!! :))

- Your kitchen cabinet has more water bottles than drinking glasses.  (Yep, a whole cabinet of just water bottles, however full disclosure: 2 years ago a guy installing floors in my house cut his fingers off while cutting the floors and bled all over a sink full of some of my significantly impacted the number of water bottles I owned, however the numbers are on the rise again, slowly but surely with each race and like the t-shirts, don't you dare suggest that I get rid of a single one!!!)

- Some people have bank accounts. You have gear.  (Haha!!!  A truer statement has never been spoken!  This is especially true since I claimed bankruptcy.  And during the bankruptcy process I was asked to name all my assets and the value of each...truthfully I was actually scared that I was going to have to forfeit my bike in the process, and granted I don't even have a fancy bike, but it's certainly the most valuable thing I do own!)

- You go on vacation and wonder why people hadn’t told you about the whole “lay next to the pool and sleep” thing before.  (Now I can appreciate lake time and water park time as much as the next person, but yeah, some of my favorite vacation times are spent training...HOWEVER, again with the full disclosure: I haven't been on vacation in over 9 years, AND the only days I've taken off work in that time has been either with a sick child or to train while riding my bike on RAGBRAI...this year, RAGBRAI IS my vacation. :))

- What used to be a small pile of training gear slowly took over a drawer in your dresser, then a closet, then multiple areas of your house. You now can’t open a closet door without a hydration belt falling on your head.  (One closet, plus two large Rubbermaid's...and growing.)

- You’ve worn compression socks to the grocery store.  (Ok, not compression socks, but I do frequent the grocery store in my gear post run...and I've been known to wear bike shorts and UGGS in the winter to run errands straight from a trainer ride.)

- You’ve worn compression socks under your work clothes.  (Again, no compression socks here, but sports bras, yeah!  Big big fan of the sports bras.)

- You’ve worn compression socks to bed. (Once again, no compression socks, but the sports bras...hellz yeah!!!  Sometimes that's all I wear to bed in the summer when it's hot out.  AND, especially during marathon training...I don't know why, seemed more comfortable I guess...guaranteed also that my ex wouldn't try to put any moves out there...there's a popular saying in my circle "not now honey, I have a race in the morning" post race is a totally different story, there's all sorts of adrenaline and endorphins flowing, yes, post race is ALL about the nookie...and the beer, but a lot about the nookie. :))

- Your significant other has informed you that compression socks in bed are not sexy. This is news to you.  (Substitute sports bras for compression socks again, and ding, ding, ding, ding!...we have a winner!)

- When the mechanic gives you a quote to fix your car, you don’t think in terms of dollar signs, but instead calculate its equivalency in race registration fees.  (HAHA!!!  Coming from a girl who just put new brakes on her Jeep...OH YES!!!  Most definitely YES!)

- The watch once reserved for training activities only has now become a staple of your wardrobe…even when you’re dressed up.  (Timex Ironman, digital, black with a turquoise rim...quite pretty really in my honest opinion.  Goes with everything and I never take it off!  It's also a heart rate monitor...super fancy!!...thanks VTC!!!!  Single momma on a tight budget loves love LOVES hand me downs!)

- You have tan lines that would put a zebra to shame.  (Yep, it's only May and I'm peeling already!)

- You’ve purchased clothes specifically because they hide those tan lines so well.  (Sometimes, but I'm more of the girl who doesn't mind showing them off a little too...hell, I worked hard for those tan lines, you betcha I'm damn proud of them.)

- You’ve given at least one blister, saddle sore, or chaffed nipple a name…and had a conversation with it.  (UGH...marathon training...long story, don't ask!)

- You’ve actually told the massage therapist he or she isn’t hurting you enough(Never had a massage, but in Physical Therapy, absolutely...this bad ass momma loves (LOVES) pain :))

- Someone needs to explain the concept of “brunch” to you – apparently, not everyone has their long run on Sunday mornings.  (Nope, long runs happen on Saturday's...long BIKES happen on Sunday's...brunch, no!!  Unless you count the standard sweaty post bike oatmeal and coffee as brunch...I do not.)

- Your world was rocked when you discovered your now-favorite flavor of gel.  (GU Rocktane Orange Vanilla)

- You love that gel so much, you’ve considered using it as a condiment.  (I have a good friend who "butters" his pre race bagels with GU...I haven't gone there YET, however I have been known to eat Shot Bloc's for lunch or dinner on occasion, and I feel this is almost equivalent...and Rocktane and Powerade Zero will cure a hangover in less than an hour...again, prolly better not to ask on this one, I have a theory, I've tried it, it works for me.)

- You have no problem wearing an outfit to a race that, in any other setting, would look like a toddler painted a superhero costume on your body.  (There is NO SHAME in wearing spandex!!!!  The tighter the better...means less drag.)

- You spend so much time with other endurance athletes, you’ve forgotten men actually have body hair.  (Hey, I know a few guys who will remain nameless, who I have gotten close to from time to time who actually rock the smooth legs quite nicely...some might even say that on the right guy, smooth legs maybe even turn me on a little...and a hairless chest will just about put me over the edge...combine the two and DANGER DANGER. LOL)

- It’s odd to hear some people don’t eat dinner until after sundown. By that time, you’ve already raided the leftovers in the fridge on your way to your 9 PM bedtime.  (My clock says it's now 9:24 pm and that's WAY past my bedtime...good night! :))

Want to see more endurance athlete truisms? Pick up Susan’s “Out There” column in the June edition of Competitor Magazine, hitting shelves at the end of the month!